Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Slate's 'Ads we Hate' is Great!

Just a quick blurb that Seth Stevenson over at Slate did a great piece (here) on the ads we hated the most in 2009. I was familiar and hated all of these. I also hated a couple that were not mentioned, but that's what the Slate Fray is for. Comment away on your own hated ads!

Ahh, it felt so antidepressing to get that off my chest. But now I'll pass my bottle of pharmaceutical-grade hate to Ad Report Card readers. Tip it back, pop a few hate caplets down your gullet, and join in:

I nominate the recent and most disgusting entry in Charmin's series featuring animated bears doing you-know-what in the forest. Used Charmin still clinging to the buttocks of a not-very-tidy bear?—Kirsten H.

Have a great and hate-free advertising 2010!

Thanks for reading.

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