Friday, December 25, 2009

Marketer, review thyself!

A blog by some PR company had an interesting idea: consumer product companies should host reviews of their products on their own websites. It is a fun concept and clearly the PR people think this will give a client good PR for being all "transparent" and "honest" in building relationships with stakeholders, bla bla bla.

If this happens it is still under the radar. AND, if it ever REALLY happens to some significant degree, there should be a lot of controversy. I cannot imagine that even the most "transparent" company out there will allow totally unfiltered criticism (oh, i mean "review") of its products on its own website. Just think of how incredibly risky this would be.

It is a really interesting idea and we'll see where this goes. I have only seen Apple having reviews of products on their online store. But, as we all know Apple is a "special case" and is a brand like no other. They have such a fan base and well of support out there that it seems to be no problem for them. BUT, does it benefit apple?

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