Friday, December 25, 2009

Men are fat, but don't tell them

One of our favorite blogs, Stokefire, has a post on Weight Watchers for Men and suggests it is off the mark. The traditionally femme-focused company is trying to get men to purge the pounds with its programs. The Stoke-folks feel themes and tags such as “Real Men Don’t Diet” and “Eat like a man, not like a rabbit" are uninspired and even emasculating. As a commenter mentions, Weight Watchers should stick to its core market, women and give these tactics a rest. I do believe this line of attack will be a big FAIL for Weight Watchers.

There is a little-known school of thought in marketing that goes like this: Company X is a big, successful company, surely even a tone-deaf-sounding ad campaign must be informed by lots of intelligence from their marketing team. They are such a strong brand, they must know what they are doing, etc.

The public can sometimes think this way. And, marketers who are not on the inside with Company X can leave well-enough alone and think "it's not my problem, they must know what they are doing." Who knows, this could work, but I think not.

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