Friday, December 25, 2009

Teenagers realize 'it's all the same'

Good, though redundant, story in the NY Times about teenagers realizing that since the economy is dreadful they shouldn't be asking for much from their parents. They've "lost interest" in expensive stuff and seem to now find Aeropostale a reasonable alternative to Abercrombie & Fitch as "it’s kind of the same thing." The Times did have stories a while back how stores such as Aeropostale that offer "value" were doing better. In the last year they also had pieces about how the bloom is off the rose for luxury in Japan, a market that is traditionally a huge percentage of luxury retailers' market. Young people in Japan have to some extent gotten over the whole "must have a Louis Vuitton bag" thing and are being more reasonable and practical as well.

The article notes that youngsters are gravitating more toward the Gap (which has been struggling to make a comeback) and even - God forbid - TJ Maxx.

The kids are also seeking quality. One would think this would spell an opening for a brand such as Uniqlo, which is a serious HIT here in NYC for folks wanting quality, stylish fashions at Gap-comparable prices. With H&M (a similarly positioned, though more stylish brand) expanding all over the damned place, it may be Uniqlo's time to get large nationwide.

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