Friday, December 25, 2009

What we are doing here

I am a lifelong marketer. What this means is that I have eat and slept (if that's possible) marketing since I can remember. I am ALWAYS interested in new marketing, good marketing, bad marketing, poo marketing. Whatever.

I've worked in PR/marketing/communications/branding for 15 years or so. I have done this mostly in a consulting capacity, advising companies on how to better communicate their messages, sell their products, achieve their goals, etc.

A large part of my career has been outside of the U.S. This means I am interested in some things going on beyond the borders of our United States. I hope you are too.

Now, I live back in my native New York City. I work as a consultant and also have a gig doing social marketing. So I have some free time to scour the web, give my opinions, and bore you.

I'll be writing about advertising, marketing, communications, branding, PR, consumer behavior, sales techniques and tactics. It goes without saying that I'll be especially interested in "new" stuff in the realm of digital communications, social media, etc.

While in Asia, I was a also blogger for a couple of years for CNET, where I commented on technology and media marketing issues and news. You can find my old blog posts archived here: CNET.

I hope you'll enjoy our time together. Please make any comments on posts, send me suggestions, link to this blog and tell your friends.

Jonathan Gardner

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